At first glance, Randwick Park may look like a typical South Auckland suburb, but its residents will tell a different story. Randwick Park and the community centre that is Manu Tukutuku were born out of a neighbourhood who wanted more for their children, for themselves, for their people, and tāngata whenua.




A small group of passionate residents came together after the tragic and fatal shooting of local liquor store owner, Navtej Singh in 2008. They decided enough was enough. They recognised the diversity of their neighbourhood, the challenges that can arise from this diversity, and they set about turning these differences into positive opportunities and cultural collaboration.




The vision was to empower and connect the community, to bring people, all people, together to support and to learn from each other. To share their stories, their dreams, and their talents to engage and inspire the younger generation to want and believe in a better future.




Hopes and dreams go together like kites and the sky. The team behind the vision of Manu Tukutuku believe that people, both young and old, need to believe their hopes and dreams will be given wings. This is where Manu Tukutuku comes in. Providing a place where dreams are nurtured, where hopes are voiced and listened to, where no goal is ever too impossible to achieve, Manu Tukutuku inspires the community to reach for the sky.  




The vision grew to incorporate a wider view of what Manu Tukutuku could mean to the community. To become a place that not only brings the local neighbourhood together, but to encourage others to use the space to create, enjoy, learn, teach, discover, and dream. To enable community projects, local sports and youth groups, corporate groups and events. Manu Tukutuku creates opportunities to get together, to meet, to share and to feel part of something greater, something special.